Doula Advocacy

Listen A #Doula isn't just this big daunting waste of money thing on your list 💰💸💸💸💸 What does a Doula do anyway????


Doula #Brain: Your Birth Plan Memorized. I am your walking Birth Plan. Paired with Evidence-Based Knowledge, I empower you to take ownership of your birth.

Doula #Heart: Full of Empathy & Compassion for you, your partner &, your baby. My Heart beats success for you & a safe transition into parenthood

Doula #Peace: My Soul Burns for Birth Advocacy, yet I seek to enhance both a Peaceful Birth Space & strong Communication between the birthing  Family & the clinical team

Doula #Voice: I Help Rise Questions for a fully informed, mutually inclusive shared decision-making process

Doula #Muscle💪🏾✨️ Hands On & Engaging Comfort Techniques to ease discomfort & enhance Birth focus. In unmedicated Birth, I am your pain management modality.

Postpartum Doula: I help the new family adjust to new life together including lactation support

THE DOULA #BODY  in the Birth Space quietly reminds the clinical team of their assignment. 🧐👀👀

Get You A Doula, Ma.
If you #OwnYourBirth, we will Deliver 💥❤️‍🔥

Written by Tia Ajao CD(DONA)

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