Liberated Lactation!

Liberated Lactation by 
Trust The Physiology. - Expect The Normal.


Liberated Lactation The Workshop
A 2-hr virtual prenatal education class taught by Tia RN IBCLC. Topics include:
  • Golden Hour & breastfeeding initiation
  • Breastfeeding positions & a good latch
  • Colostrum Hand Expression and supplementing with your expressed milk 
  • Using your breast pump; techniques to maintain milk supply & safe milk storage
Liberated Lactation Virtual Consultations
  • An immediate postpartum telehealth visit in the first few days

  • A customized lactation resource list

  • A follow-up telehealth appointment

Liberated Lactation In-Home Consultations for Greater Baltimore
  • A telehealth appointment

  • A postpartum lactation home visit

  • A customized lactation resource list

Follow-up Consultations

Need Assistance? The Baby Philanthropy Program at Hello Baby Events empowers our birth families to empower & educate other families in our community too. Request support at

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