Monday, December 16, 2013

Why Do We Sing?

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This evening, I was thinking deeply about life, about my several foci and about all that matters to me right now. Then some questions rose in my mind: 

Why do I do what I do? 
Does it really matter? 
Is it all worth it? 

And as the doubts began to fill my heart, the words of a treasured song came. It’s a song I was taught as a member of The UMBC Gospel Choir under the direction of Ms. Janice Jackson and now Senior Pastor William Andrew Best Jr. It was a song that was unique in its intonations and exciting transitions, one that often comes to memory when I’m searching for a song of praise when the radio just isn’t hitting it.

I learnt today that it is the song “Why Do We Sing” By Reginald Smith, performed by Pamela Armour & The Memphis Shop (Thank you, Senior Pastor Best!). I’m excited to finally hear it again. I want to key in to the lyrics:

Why do we sing when no one is listen?
Why do we sing when nobody cares?
Why do we sing when we could be doing something else;
Or pursing the things of this world?

Why do we sing; does the song make a difference?
Why do we sing; is our singing in vain?
Why do we sing; is God getting the glory,
Are we telling a story to life up His name?

We must sing ‘cause we cannot keep silent!
We must sing ‘cause He gave us a song!
We must sing ‘cause He has redeemed us,
We must sing praises to Our God.

You see, just as the word “LYRICS” in Lyrics by tia means more than words that comprise a musical piece, the word “SING” in this song suddenly expanded and exploded in my heart! 

Sing to me means:
...a passionate rendering of giftings 
a soulful desire to share and spread a message...
...a desire to open up and release oneself in order to make a difference for another. 

We all Sing, proclaiming our passion openly through a variety of actions such as acts of random kindness, giving, serving, and charitable efforts. And you know: those "music notes" can fly higher than we can go and soar low into deep, dark crevices that we cannot physically reach ourselves. Our Song is unique, extraordinary and very powerful!

So, why sing when no one is listening? 
Why sing when nobody cares? 

Because we cannot keep silent! 
We can’t keep quiet: HE gave us a song! 
No, we can’t stay silent because HE has redeemed us!
That is why we sing.
 That is why we must sing!!!!

I've know I've been given too much to keep quiet! I know I've been blessed too much to keep it selfishly to myself! So if you ever face doubt as you walk the path God has created for you, please don’t hold back:
-Lyrics by tia 12/16/13

Why Do We Sing
By Reginald Smith and Performed by Pamela Armour & The Shop
Available on the album Middle of a Miracle (1996)

 As I have for the first time in like 10 years tonight!

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