Monday, November 16, 2015

Silence The Mime #HBNM

Model & MUA: Tavonn Cash   Photo Credit:

First he restrained me:
Then he restricted me.
He silenced me:
When I had no voice to start.
He avoided me:
When first I never acknowledged myself.
He ignored me:
When I no longer seemed to exist.
I didn't believe I mattered:
Until you looked at me.
You smiled at me:
And a ray of hope appeared.
I didn't know I mattered,
But you knew I did.
And when you spoke for me-
My liberation began.
I don't even know your name,
But you know mine.
You placed my needs above your own-
And now I want to be free.
I can't phantom why you even care
But please don't stop--
Please Speak for Me.
-Lyrics by tia 10/19/15

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