Saturday, July 13, 2013

INSPIRATIONS!: Divinely Unwind with BONA

(Inspired to bow)

Friday night pretty much means the same thing in many circles.

Happy Hour.           The Club.               Drinks at the Bar. 

Everybody is trying to take the edge off of the prior week. 

Well, this past Friday night, some friends and I decided that we would Divinely Unwinded with BONA and her Acoustic Guitar at her Blood and Grace Album Release, Ebeneezer Coffee House.

You see, BONA has been gradually and steadily developing her music and style, and I for one can tell you that she is ultimately about worship. The first time I heard her live was at DARA’s album release. Her opening piece was her simple rendition of Keith Green’s Oh Lord You’re Beautiful (currently playing as I write). As the lyrics rang clearly through the sanctuary, they traveled directly into my spirit, moving me immediately to tears. I had been struggling with some things and at that very moment, I was reminded of the preeminence of God and what my focus should be. An instant groupie with my first taste, it was insane how much I anticipated this event! And I was not disappointed.

So as I sat on yesterday and the program began to start, all I could see were Song Writers with Instruments! As a lyricist I was in awe of the high level of spiritual insight and sensitivity to the Living Word of God! BONA’s opening act, Trenton Cokley, was fantastic; his single Someone Else is available on iTunes.

There I was, placed squarely before my God and Maker in the midst of friends. I was where I wanted to be. Another highly anticipated project, Blood and Grace is beautiful and hearing the title track LIVE was serious, ya’ll! The concert rolled on like a love affair...yeah, like the progression of an eternal romance. Each song soulful; each song sweet—oh , my goodness; it felt like college again!...Back when my musically-inclined friends would chill and relax by creating worship together and enjoying the Presence of God. When them fine Christian men would stop and stare at the ceiling in the cafeteria for several moments to advert their attention from the scantily-clad girl walking by! Yes, those were the days of I Kissed Dating Goodbye; learning from seasoned female student leadership at Women's Cell Group; and midnight/early risers' prayer as young people cried out to God for over an hour at a time! When it was just me and HIM and that was enough...I had forgotten what it used to be like until then as I was surrounded by so many young people passionately in love with Christ. Completely taken, I was moved to tears once again, reminiscing on those times when I once laid in HIS bosom fervently. It was truly a time and place for me to heal, to unwind, to breath, and fall in love with Jesus all over again.

The lyrics of each song described an experience I could identify with, leaving me to wonder how such feelings could be put to words. I was inspired to seek God so that I too can write and speak my soul; to somehow translate my struggles into expressions of worship. I was inspired to fall on my knees, for I who desires to unlock the hidden treasures of the heart must first know the only ONE who knows the heart and has that key. I was challenged to return to my First Love. Inspired to come to Christ again, I was made to wonder where I went and where I have been all this while...

Wish you were there? Well, guess what! You can obtain a free download!!!

And, above that, there is an ENCORE Event THIS Friday, July 19th!!!!!

BONA, congratulations on a successful event and thank you for the opportunity to be a part. Continue to share the Power of God through High Worship! Lyrics by tia will definitely continue following!

Lyrics by tia

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  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself! I do remember the "Kissed Dating Goodbye Days"! LOL


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