Monday, November 16, 2015

An Ode to Kehinde: Welcome To The World!

Written by Mrs. Taiwo I Ajao in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Kehinde B. Adeloye on the Celebration of Their Marriage

I personally am highly thrilled at the Joy that has entered into the life of my twin brother
God in His infinite mercy has brought this day to us and we are overwhelmed with love and gratitude unto The Lord GOD who has destined this day to be. This has been not only the dream of our parents, but the hope of our parent's parents that we all would be reunited to our Country, our Heritage and our Home, by Marriage.

You see, Growing up as Nigerian Americans, 
My siblings and I didn't have much culture to boast of
But my twin brother and I had one thing.
There was one Ancient story that we loved to share
A story that gave us pride and always took us to our roots

It is the tale of two beings living In one womb
One older and wiser,
The other naive and adventurous
The older said to his pair
"Go out yonder into this world unknown
Go and take a taste for me
And return to give a full report"
And so it was Ti Aye Wo, left the Safe Haven of her mother's womb
To take a taste of the world
She left for the World,
But she did not return as instructed
So her Twain, the older and wiser became concerned
For he was her keeper and guide
He could not bear the mere 3 minutes apart

So the wise one Kehinde followed after her
He came out of Necessity
He was a Surprise
For those expecting 1 babe
Received the sudden News of 2!!!!
On the Birth of a New Year 1981
He was a Surprise
But He came out of necessity
He had to Guide & Protect

Isn't it true today?
That he has been the Older and Wiser all along?
While Ti Aye Wo, the adventurous, still the younger and naive?
He came to guide & protect
But today His role has expanded
As he has received his lovely Bride
Leaving both Father & Mother content
He has cleaved unto His wife
But what about his first assigned?

If you know Kehinde, you know he could never forget her!
For he provided her with a sister, a Confidante, a Friend
To her he has given a Twin Sister to love and care

So Kehinde, I finally free you to graduate to your Honorary role--Egbon!
From my husband my children and I
Who you have embraced securely as your very own
Welcome to the World

Lyrics by tia 11152015

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