Monday, November 16, 2015

That Brick Wall #HBNM

The Many volunteer #ModelAdvocates who have supported The Hush Baby Not Mama Media Campaign
Photo Credit: & The Photo Chase

That Brick Wall 
Do you know that place?
The place where you feel in between
A Rock and a Hard Place
You are cornered,

Limited and with no answers
Stuck, and you can not see beyond this

Until you look up
Unto the One who owns the future
You find clear, wide open air
You see possibility,
And freedom beyond belief
That brick wall is just a diversion
Look UP!
-Lyrics by tia October 2015

#HBNM #HushBabyNotMama #Voice4TheSilenced#PurplePassion #IPV #TheBEATdown#InspiredToActTogether

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