Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The ON EVERY DESK Initiative! #PurposefulGiving

To Support our Baby Basics Mom's Club, we are setting an exciting goal!

We are going to put a Bundle of Joy on the Professional Desks of 50 People.

Our Mom's Club Vowing to Think Positive & Remember that as we strive to be better, All is Well

A Bundle of Joy is a set of 6 writing tools, and is perfect for every work desk! 

Each bundle is designed to inspire 

And spread beauty to make you smile :)

Chose your standard black pens 

Or have fun with vibrant color ink! Highlighters & Pencils can also be requested.

Our 2016 Perinatal Edutainment Projects support the the health, safety and well being of women & newborns in our community. 

Donations are accepted via PayPal #PurposefulGiving


More listings can be found on Lyrics by tia @Etsy  

Join in as each Unique Bundle is featured right here!

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