Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Most Unlikely Candidate

The most unlikely candidate.
Dreams died over 10 years ago
Expelled from that one opportunity
Left striped of hope & purpose
Until marriage and children came along
Tried to live through others
But it didn't work

What God has done is more amazing than a mere transformation
A Metamorphosis 
Molding and creating new parts, new visions
He knew better than I
Turning a career option deeply detested
Into my hearts desire's
He gave me a fire
And granted me acceptance at the #1 school in the nation
Then provided a full scholarship to attend

I was like them who dream dreams
Never so challenged as a student
And never so forced to my knees
Than on that day--
This day one year ago
Facing every single one of those dreaded 265 test Questions
I stood before that Burning Bush where HE dwells
My incapability to turn my own destiny fully revealed
Like Hannah I swore to hand back my plea
For this one gift
This advent of breakthrough
I would offer a dance and a praise
And give my all in Love and Service

The most unlikely candidate
I cannot boost of riches or fame
Nor that perfect balance every mom and wife dreams of
But I can offer you hope, that God still raises the dead 
He revives dreams and gives life again
He parts waters.
He transforms
And creates new things
I am the most unlikely candidate
So I know He can do it for you
Trust HIM with your life-- 
'You're going to like the way you look. I guarantee it.'

Lyrics by tia 01132016

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