Saturday, May 28, 2016

♡ A Trek of Love ♡

Dreaming of "ogede were" on Visiting Day,
Of long treks but such brief stays,
Of Consistency. Discipline. Simplicity;
And many sweet, sweet labors of love.
This is how I remember My Grandma

She had a pet name for each of us
Mine was Ariike
Which means "Love at First Sight"
Mama would trek for miles,
Just to lay eyes on me
And ensure my well-being
Even though we communicated very little verbally,
Her presence spoke volumes.
She would spend just minutes greeting me
With gifts of fruit from her hardwork
Then she would prepare for another long trek home
Mama believed in hard work, love and prayer
She appreciated life and treated everything she owned as a treasure
Thank you, Mama
Your 90 Years were well spent
Your children have loved you tenderly
Even unto death.
And though in our hearts we would have enjoyed you longer           
You now trek through The Golden Gates
On roads paved in Crystal & Glass
To Praise & Adore God Almighty, face to face
Adieu, dear Mother of Mothers
Until we meet again.
-Lyrics by tia 

Departure: 11/22/2016

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