Monday, May 2, 2016

Seeking Mommie Trainers

This Mama's Month, I pause and realize: Hey, why does it feel like I am winning in every thing else except for home? I turn to every side and there are women winning "just like me": Divas in Business, Personal Trainers, Makeup Artists, Beauty Consultants, Personal Designers, Image Consultants , Planners & even those who promote Waist training. We've got every woman's needs met, with a $$Dollar Sign$$ on it! We've got Chefs teaching us how to cook, Dietitians and Nutritionists teaching us how to eat, Dessert designers getting us back in trouble and Interior Decorators & Personal Organizers getting our homes in order. We have Financial Advisers balancing our checks, Business Coaches teaching us how to win, and Debt consultants getting us back on our feet. It seems like we've got it all covered, and still yet, something is still lacking. It's like going to Sanitation School--I mean, Makeup School--and owning an expensive & full kit but still not knowing how to be a true Artist of Makeup.

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So here's a Business Concept: Where are the Mom Trainers? Who is teaching us women how to be Mother's?!?! I am a Mother-Baby Nurse. I embrace brand spanking new mothers just hours post-delivery on the daily, and here is what I notice: regardless of age, race and even social economic factors, Motherhood is one gigantic level playing field! There is so much hope with the arrival of a little one, and despite a woman's background or past, here is a new person that loves her exponentially & needs her infinitely.

My First Moments of Motherhood
So why isn't someone out here coaching us on Motherhood? Yes, some of us are Doulas, Childbirth Educators & Lactation Consultants, but I am talking about something so much different! I'm talking about concepts that help me love and nurture my little one during those wee hours of The Second Night to those same wee hours when he is 6 years old awake because he had a nightmare. I'm talking about getting home from work & understanding how to prioritize my evening so that my children & Dad feel that 150% TLC that I know I am capable of giving, but lack the discipline. 

So I am ready for a practical, tangible change. I'm calling out Family, Friends & Fans: I need Mommie Training! No, the skills of motherhood are not instinctual! Someone told me that I can have it all, but the more I have, the more I lack! 

This year, I don't want flowers and candy. Please skip the cards and dinner. I want a Personal Team of Mommie Trainers and Developers. 

Serious Inquiries Please: 
My Hope & My Future Depend on it.


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