Tuesday, March 28, 2017

On Becoming One

In the beginning there were "sista advisers" and "prayer partners." Then there were professional therapists and doctors. After every session, I would come home bitter & mad because I had just spent an hour ripping out his guts & stabbing him in the back. We grew further apart. And then God took away all my counselors and all I was left with was him.

It turned out he could handle me yelling at him to his face. He could handle the difficult conversations and near split-ups. Then I realized that I couldn't turn to anyone but him, and in turn I had to go to God. Each "therapy session" led to him understanding me and I getting him more. I started to stop & listen and discovered that his advice is actually pretty good! He started to say the right things, and as I submitted myself, he also began to do the right things.

Molded Like Clay: Two becomes One.

The Bible says that the Two shall become One Flesh (Mark 10:8). Two pieces of clay can only become One piece of clay by getting closer, meshing, and being molded together. It's a very beautiful thing. w. @drajao ♡

Photo Credit: The Photo Chase

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