Saturday, October 8, 2016


UnBreakable Photo Credit:

Once there was a Precious Sphere
Fragile, it seemed,
Delicate & Prestine.

The owners handled it carefully
Less it fall
But Despite all efforts, they loss grip of it
And it fombled and fell
Hurdling to the ground
To it's destruction
To shatter into pieces
All would be lost!
Never again to hold
Broken forever.
Oh precious Sphere!
The only thing left to hold!

And down it went until it hit the earth
But rather than shatter, it gained velocity
Stretched, disfigured, and out of shape
It gained momentum
And it BOUNCED out into the air again!
And bounce it did as it speed freely from base to sky!

What power & force!
Freedom Defined
Willy Nilly, to our surprise!
Our Crystal Sphere had so much more potential!
So much more than we ever knew!
In all our fear 
We never knew 
That our Precious Sphere 
In Christ, is

Lyrics by tia 10/08/16

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