Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Lyrics by tia Minute: SAY NO TO "We Do Whatever Kids!"

One day, we took our two young kids to a fun trampoline play room. They tumbled and bounced and played. It was silly fun until an interesting thing occurred.  A group of gymnastic kids in training entered the scene. This was their regular spot for practice, play, and regular show off.

Something happened. My kids wanted to do that too! They tried to fly and flip, failing miserably! All of a sudden they wanted greatness! Mediocrity wasn't good enough any more! They saw the results of hard work, consistency, training & discipline and they wanted that too! [The Results, that is]

The Physics term "entropy" means the pull of nature in the direction of chaos. It is a natural downhill spiral, a product of the disorder in a system. The dysfunctional system in our lives is often our families. The only thing that will prevent entropy in our homes is hard work, consistency, training & discipline. If we want to lower the entropy in a child's life, we have to go against nature and do work! 

Our children must not become entropic "We Do Whatever Kids"!!!! Idleness breeds whatever-ness. Idleness is I-am-doing-nothing-ness and I am becoming nobody-ness. The devils workshop, idleness yields poor choices that lead to lots of dead ends like premature sex & pregnancy, lifelong addictions, poor effort, empty heads, lack of dreams, and internal failure.

We can not let that happen! We are not raising "We Do Whatever Kids"! Parenting is an action word: deliberate engagement, purposeful lifestyle changes and steps to deliver our children from the natural downward spiral of entropy. When we guide our children and nurture their greatness, a miracle happens. We defy the laws of gravity and entropy, and they begin to soar!

The power is in our hands, Moms & Dads. The real work is at home. So let's get back to work!

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